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Behind the Lens — Mirjam Kluka

My goal is to see a person in all their individuality and their present state.

Mirjam, tell us about your background, where are you from?

I was born in 1981 in Aarau, CH. My parents are from Switzerland and the Czech Republic. After assisting for 6 years for several Swiss photographers, I moved to Prague to focus on taking pictures and to get to know my roots. I was working there as a freelance photographer for 4 years and moved back to Zurich for another 7 years where I got into Zurich’s photographic scene. In 2015 I decided to move to Hamburg inspired by the north-german mentality and the port city itself. I was living and working in Hamburg till the pandemic started this year.

When did you start taking pictures?

I was 13 years old when I took my first shots.


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Mary by Mirjam Kluka for 2020 Aesthetics

As a photographer, what’s a typical working day for you?

No day and no shooting are the same for me. I am an early bird because I am more productive at this time of the day. If there is a shooting everything is already planned and it depends on the job, timing, shooting, location, or the light. A lot of times my alarm goes off at 4 o’clock in the morning. If I don’t shoot, I spend my day with acquisition, research, organizing my assignments, all the emails I have to respond to, meetings, and of course putting together portfolios. Sports, nature, and my friends give me the perfect balance.

Are you trying to express something particular with your pictures?

My goal is to see a person in all their individuality and their present state. I want to provide the perfect location, architecture, or environment for this person and create a safe space so this person can be completely themselves. I am trying to capture this authenticity in my pictures. I am not only inspired by portraits but also by pictures of objectives, landscapes, or architecture, where you can see the true beauty by having a closer look at the interaction of light, mood, and the weather.


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Maribel by Mirjam Kluka for Fall 2019

What is inspiring to you?

People who are passionate, farsighted, liberal—minded, and curious. Foreign cultures, art, and nature.

How do you feel about the misrepresentation of female photographers in the fashion industry or is that just a prejudice?

I honestly think women in general still don’t get enough attention even though our language is needed more than ever. Every photographer should be judged by their work and art and not by gender. We haven’t reached this point of equality yet.

Do you think being a successful photographer in this industry is harder for women? And what advice would you give an aspiring female photographer/videographer?

Together in a collective, we are stronger. Just follow your heart and your intuition.

What kind of camera are you using?

Nikon D850, Nikon D4s, Sony alpha

Can you name 3 of your favorite female accounts that really inspire you?



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Lookbook 2017
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Lookbook 2018
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Lookbook 2019
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Lookbook 2020


Website: www.kluka.ch
Instagram: @mirjamkluka

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