U.W.W. Slip in dark blue

CHF 23.50

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  • slip for under the wetsuit
  • single layer
  • tight-fitting
  • made from recycled plastic
  • exclusively in our CH Shop
  • handmade by the Oy team in Switzerland

What to wear under a wetsuit? U.W.W. (Under Wetsuit Wear) is our answer to this question. Of course you can wear normal Oy surf bikini bottoms or just “nothing” under your wetsuit. However, bikini bottoms with the drawstring at the waist can sometimes be too much fabric to tuck under your wetsuit. Without anything at all, you often feel unprotected or it makes taking off the wetsuit more complicated with a towel to cover up. The U.W.W. Slip, on the other hand, is completely flat and super thin and hugs your body tightly. So you’re protected under your wetsuit and can change easily and worry-free.

Our first series of U.W.W. was made from excess material or faulty produced swimsuits. The material thus brings the same characteristics as our bikinis: quick drying and elasticity for best comfort. This dark blue fabric was a left over from the sample production.

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