aesthetics 2020

OY silhouettes that highlight femininity. The fit of the bikinis and one-piece swimsuits ensure our familiar support and at the same time more comfort. Different shapes and color shades of the tops and bottoms harmonize with each other and can be endlessly combined by you.

Oy Surf Apparel Bikini Top Elinx Novel Bikini Bottom Rio Novel 05

Oy Surf Apparel Swimsuit Sol Virginia 03 2

Feminine aesthetics, shiny materials, and an artistic print. Explore our body diverse silhouettes of this feel-good collection which accompanies you in the water, your yoga downtime, or evening hangout. The bold print was formed during a cooperation with the artist Valerie Lipscher: Arisen out of a midday heat dream when your warm skin yaws for that cool blue.

Oy Surf Apparel Bikini Top Rosex Sultana Bikini Bottom Malaga Sultana 01

Photography by Mirjam Kluka