Surf Bikinis

Bikinis for surfing that withstand every wave, stay on secure and do not slip.

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Just as there are different types and styles of surfing, from the fun longboard to the fast and agile shortboard, every female surfer has different requirements for her surf bikini. Our body-embracing cuts adapt to and support the individual female body, whether you like it sportier or more fashionable. Oy surf bikinis come in a variety of styles with or without adjustable straps. You can combine our numerous surf bikini tops and bikini bottoms, in the same color or by mix and match. If you like more coverage and the ultimate sporty look, our surf swimsuits or surf suits might be the best choice for you. The ultimate all-around product is the Surf Leggings, which protects your legs from harmful UVA rays in the water, and you can easily keep them on for your stretch and yoga session out of the water.

What’s the perfect surf bikini?

There are quite a few factors that define why a bikini is perfect for surfing. The most important features are fit and quality of processing, on which we have the highest standards for the Oy surf bikini.

Surf bikinis that fit and stay put
The most important thing about the surf bikini is that it fits perfectly and does not slip

1. A surf bikini fits perfectly and does not slip

Most normal bikinis are not designed for sport. With us, however, the aspect of sport is already in the focus during the development, and we know exactly what is important when it comes to surfing. For being able to concentrate on the moment and the waves while surfing, you need a bikini that you can rely on. That is why our surf bikinis are designed to stay put, no matter what.

2. A bikini for surfing is strong and durable

While surfing, things can get pretty wild. Wipe outs can be heavy, and you can be washed thoroughly by a wave, thrown onto the beach or pressed to the seabed. Of course, a bikini for surfing must also withstand this. For our surf bikinis we only use the highest quality and best materials that are available on the market. In addition, we make sure that the details are sewn robustly during processing.

3. A surf bikini provides maximum freedom of movement

Whether paddling, surfing or warming up for the upcoming surf session, you make extreme movements especially with the arms. This is exactly what our bikinis take into account. Our surf bikini tops have crossed straps at the back, so your shoulder blades are not blocked. Maximum freedom of movement is also given by our surf bikinis, because they stay put with the perfect support, and you can feel absolutely free and safe.

4. In a bikini for surfing you feel comfortable

Each body has its own characteristics and each person has his preferences. Therefore, we have paid attention to our selection of surf bikinis that there is a perfect fit for all wishes. Some of our surf bikinis are cut rather tight, others offer more fabric and cover more. In all cases, however, we have placed a special focus on the bikini to stay in place and thus fully supports you while surfing. You do not have to worry that the bikini slips, so you can fully concentrate on surfing.

5. A surf bikini should be sustainable

The playground of surfing, our oceans, are a sensitive ecosystem and should be particularly protected. Therefore, sustainability is also particularly important in the manufacturing process of a surf bikini. We make sure that we only use recycled fabrics for our bikinis. You can find out about all the important things regarding sustainability below in the sustainability section, or on our environment page, where we show our roadmap to the lowest possible impact on nature.

Oy surf bikini signatures Dace Tope gray
The surf bikinis of the Signatures product line are all made of Econyl®, regenerated nylon from industrial waste.

The bikini for surfing — a two-piece

A complete surf bikini always includes two parts: a surf bikini top and a surf bikini bottom. Both parts have unique features that make them the perfect bikini for surfing.

Alternatives to Surf Bikinis

For some surfers, the surf bikini may not be the right choice. As an alternative to the bikini, there are also swimsuits for surfing and surf suits.. Especially a surf suit, like our Orfe, offers very high sun protection and due to the full coverage on the upper body you are prepared for all surf conditions. The Kelt swimsuit offers maximum freedom of movement for paddling with its crossed back straps and protects your belly and chest from sand on the surfboard.

Oy surf bikini signatures Orfe dark brown
The surf suit Orfe offers maximum coverage on the upper body and therewith very high sun protection.

Surf leggings to complement the bikini

For surf sessions in the blazing midday sun or in tropical areas, it is sometimes recommended protecting yourself from the sun in the most effective way. And this is where the surf leggings come into play and become the best weapon against sunburns. Our surf leggings were developed exactly for this purpose. Of course, you can also wear them for post-surf stretches, yoga sessions, or warm-ups.

Oy surf bikini signatures Goby Larimar dark green pale green
Surf leggings provide maximum protection from the sun.

Sustainable surf bikinis

Protecting the oceans is important to us. Of course, we don’t want to surf in a sea that is brimming with plastic waste. But it is more important that the oceans are preserved as a habitat for countless animals and as a functioning ecosystem. That’s why we take special care in the development and production of our surf bikinis to protect nature as much as possible. For example, we only use fabrics made from recycled materials. But it is also important that bikinis are manufactured with high quality. The longer a product lasts, the more environmentally friendly it is, and our surf bikinis are guaranteed to last longer than one season.

Surf bikinis made of recycled nylon

All of our plain colored bikinis are made with recycled nylon (polyamide). We use a regenerated polyamide from industrial waste called Econyl®. Using Econyl®, the impact on global warming is 80% less than nylon made from petroleum.

Surf bikini made of recycled polyester

Our surf bikinis with printed designs are made of recycled polyester. Therefore we use polyester, which is made from used plastic bottles and in contrast to the qualitatively almost equivalent, new polyester, consumes up to 60% less energy in the production.

Oy 3r Reduce Reuse Recycle

Which surf bikini is right for me?

Choosing the right bikini for surfing is very individual. Each body has its own characteristics, which should be taken into account when buying a surf bikini. We try to describe each bikini top and bikini bottoms very detailed and give further assistance by size examples on each product page. However, if you are unsure, then be sure to contact us via We will be happy to advise you and help you to choose the perfect surf bikini for you.

Oy Surf Bikini Surfing Elle Sampiere
Ready for surf adventure: Elle Sampiere in an Oy surf bikini

Surf bikinis that look great

In addition to all the demands that a surf bikini puts on funtkionality, the demand on the design should not come up short. We put a lot of love into the details and make sure that you can not only feel absolutely free while surfing, but that our surf bikinis also make you look good.