Joy in Motion

Yoga & Activewear 2022

Life is movement, living means moving. Every breath you take is a movement, and even more — it's a motion. Motion is a change of positions, an alignment, performed thousands of times a day and of course during the night. Your body is the tool to conduct these changes, to move through life whether you tell it to do so or not, being active or passive.

The 2022 Yoga & Activewear collection is your body's assurance to accomplish active movements and equally embrace the passive ones.

Our short and long leggings with its tight fit make you want to move, to bend, to crawl and to turn upside down, to feel these transitions. The compressive material provides the necessary support, shapes your body and flatters your silhouette. All tops are made of super soft and cozy fabric and will comfort you to stay still, breathe, lay down and listen to your inner self.


The Yoga & Activewear sets let you experience the perfect balance between mediation and relaxation, movement and regeneration because we don't only want to focus on just the quantity, but also the quality of these daily motions. This spirit is reflected by the earthy and dark color tones.

Sustainability is not limited to the handling of raw materials but above all to our own resources, our body, soul and mind. Abandon yourself to these movements, enjoy them, feel them and become one with the direction your body takes you to.