Desert Heat

Aesthetics 23

Oy’s 2023 Aesthetics collection features fresh and vibrant colors that pop against the rough, monochromatic desert landscape, a landscape that is more and more common in Southern Europe with extreme heat and dryness due to man-made climate change.

This collection is our way of acknowledging the challenges that come with these weather extremes, and our commitment to doing our part to prevent further harm to the environment, as shown in the selection of our new material made with recycled plastic. The light terry material has character and stands out in contrast to its appearance, however, it is extremely comfortable to wear, yet just as functional as you want a bikini to be.

In addition to our proven pieces Vento and Zephyr, the new Joran top as well as the new bottoms Samum and Calima standout with its enhanced cuts and fits. They are designed to be versatile and can be worn while surfing or lounging on the beach.

Combined with shirts and shorts, you can also wear them just as a colorful statement, making them perfect for hot nighttime ventures. The new ‘Desert Heat’ bikini collection from Oy is a stark contrast to last year's collection, which celebrated the chic and sophisticated French lifestyle.

“Desert Heat” is a fashion statement for sustainability – a reminder and call to deal with these challenges.