Eclectic Energy

yoga & activewear 21

Concrete canyons and streets instead of deep seas and green forests. Make the city your stage. Perform and move with maximum freedom through streets and across squares.
Stairs are not an obstacle, but a challenge. Make your way through a diversified terrain at your own pace and integrate the city as part of your strength and stretching exercises.

Our leggings and tops provide the comfort you need for yoga practices with the ribbed fabric and enough support for workouts with the double-layer execution. Indulge in the most extreme Asanas or repeat your interval workout at record speed without worrying about the fit of your outfit thanks to the tight design. Short or long, with more or less fabric, decide for yourself how much freedom and air you want your body to feel.


The glittering and shimmering surface sets glamorous accents against an urban backdrop by day and by night. Delicate blue, harmonious pink and nighttime black can be combined to create expressive outfits that reflect your power and energy.

Photographed by Mirjam Kluka