Energized Basics

Signatures 2022 — made to be surfed

We are celebrating. And we are grateful for the opportunities to deepen our relationship with nature. Full of optimism, we bring the longing and euphoria that we had to hold back for so long back into the line-up. It’s time to get out with the new surf bikinis and swimsuits of our Signatures line that are made to be surfed.

Our in 2021 newly introduced designs underwent thorough testing and improvement to come out stronger this year and emphasize our time-tested quality even more. An expanded range of products, like the new "Blay" surf swimsuit, adapts to your individual needs and challenges in the water.

While last year our color palette was strongly based on the power and tranquility of Mother Earth, this year we are adding optimistic and refreshing highlights. By mixing and matching plain color and print designs, you can make bold statements. These energized basics will be the perfect companion and boost for endless hours of surf action that you will get to enjoy and celebrate this season.

The 2022 Signatures print is an ode to the most popular print design we ever launched. We decided to reinterpret the design in celebration of our tenth anniversary. Yes, that's right — 10 years of Oy.

Since 2020, and equally this year, we only use recycled fabrics for our surf bikinis and swimsuits. Over the years, we learned and realized that it is our responsibility to protect the environment. Nature and surfing have always accompanied and guided us through the last years. Even if we had to reduce or limit our activities or radius, optimism and energy were always by our side. We no longer have to hold back but can take off with confidence to celebrate nature, waves, and Oy — and become one with the ocean again.

Photos with Cassie by Felix, with Maribel by Emy.