Signatures 2021

Our brand new signatures collection is an ode to color — True to You — lets you find your shades of colors.

Feel the warmth of the sun, the roughness of the ocean, the wind of the shore, not only on your skin but dress yourself in this color palette of nature. Find the perfect flattering color to feel comfortable in your skin. Combine all shades and styles among themselves, an endless game of possibilities to express and find yourself.


We renewed our color palette and improved our patterns. Modern and clean lines emphasize the sporty character of the collection while flattering all silhouettes. The proven support provides maximum freedom of movement and guides you as you play with the elements of nature. Different styles adapt to your needs and give you all the freedom to find your true self. Awaken your intuition, connect with the earth and the sea and focus on your ride.

This dreamy and nature inspired mood is beautifully captured for our lookbook by Seb Zanella with Maribel on Tenerife.