Vive la Côte

Aesthetics 22

The Basque Country and especially Biarritz have always been a very special place and a source of inspiration for the founders of Oy. This is where they learned about the french savoir-vivre: hanging out at the beach all day long, enjoying a little coffee and croissant in the morning sun after an early surf session, walking along the beach promenade in the hot midday sun and strolling past little shop’s windows. These days when you wear nothing except your favorite swimwear, ending in a beautiful moment, sharing a glass of wine with your friends while watching the sunset. The 2022 Aesthetic collection is the evocation of this endless summer vacation in Southern France.


The bikinis and swimsuits are made with a sustainable fabric made of ECONYL® regenerated Nylon. The fabric has a firm and pronounced ribbed structure and a soft hand feel. It is lightweight, quite stretchy and absolutely see non-through. This extraordinary and very high quality fabric will bring a special touch to your new summer beach outfit, including the newly designed swimsuit Zephyr — a mature and very elegant piece, already a classic. Shades of primary colors — blue, white, and yellow — gather the dominant natural vibes of the Atlantic Ocean, white sand and the sun.

Let our new Aesthetics swimwear be your all day summer companion to surrender to the French vacation feeling that must never end.

Photography by @ibaiobo with @marionmada and @awaciss