With Guppyfriend Washing Bag Against Microplastic Pollution

With Guppyfriend Washing Bag Against Microplastic Pollution
We are constantly trying to improve and to do our best, especially with regard to environmental protection and sustainability.

Recycled or not — synthetic fabrics always have an impact on our environmental system. When washing synthetic materials, abrasion creates microplastics, which are released into nature via wastewater. In order to prevent this, the washing water would have to be filtered, which is not yet done by any washing machine.

After some research, we found out about the Guppyfriend washing bag. This washing bag perfectly complements our surf bikinis, swimsuits and all of your other synthetic textiles.

The application is very simple: put the items to be washed into the washing bag before you put them into the washing machine. Guppyfriend will prevent microfibers from entering into the sanitation and from there into rivers and oceans. It also protects your garments so they last longer through less abrasion.

Guppyfriend is not only the first scientific solution against microplastic pollution from washing they also support several education programs to raise awareness about (micro)plastic pollution. That’s why we are a big fan and want to support our friends at LANGBRETT and their initiative STOP! Micro Waste.

Find the Guppyfriend washing bag in our online store now and be a part of the change!