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The Creators of Oy

Oy wird von den Geschwistern Zelia und Dario Zadra mit Sitz in Zürich und Berlin geführt. Während Zelia die Textilien entwirft und gestaltet, das Marketing und den Vertrieb von Zürich aus betreibt und die Produktion in Portugal leitet, leitet Dario den Online-Shop, den Vertrieb von Berlin aus und ist für alle internen Prozesse verantwortlich.


"We have been offering surf bikinis since 2012. Quality is our top priority, as a surf bikini has to live up to its name. Sustainability is at least as important to us. With our products, we not only want to offer functional surf bikinis, but also express our love for the environment."

Zelia Zadra

Founder of Oy

"For us, surfing is more than just a hobby. It is a passion that connects us with nature."

Zelia Zadra

Founder of Oy

"Sustainable fashion is more than just using recycled materials. With our timeless design, we try to offer bikinis that will last longer than one summer – in the fashion world, this is also a factor of sustainability."

Zelia Zadra

Founder of Oy

"For us, surfing is more than sports and Oy is more than bikinis. Oy bikinis are specially designed for surfing so that our customers don't have to think about whether something is slipping, but can concentrate fully on surfing."

Zelia Zadra

Founder of Oy

"By relocating production from Bali to Portugal in 2017, we were able to shorten our routes of transportation and can therefore produce in a more resource-conscious and fairer way."

Zelia Zadra

Founder of Oy

Zeila, responsible for the design of the Oy brand, explains that "you still have to separate personal and business, but it's a whole other level of working together – she really enjoys it and sees it as an absolute privilege to work with her brother."

"I quit my job so that I could concentrate on Oy full-time, I wouldn't have done that if I didn't believe in Oy 100% and was convinced that the collaboration with my sister would work out."

Dario Zadra

Partner at Oy


Our surf bikinis and yoga wear are produced in a small family business in the north of Porto. The company was founded in 2015, but has more than 30 years of experience in the production of swimwear, as the family business, which was initially called Irmar, existed long before that.

22 employees are currently involved in production, all of whom work full-time. Under Portuguese law, companies are obliged to pay at least the minimum wage. The law also roughly defines how much is earned for which work. In addition to the legal provisions, production values its employees individually, depending on their responsibilities. Diligence prizes are also awarded, and the profits are divided fairly among all employees each year. The appreciation towards the employees is enormous. At the beginning of each year, a doctor and a nurse visit the factory to examine each employee. All employees are insured against accidents at work.

Oy attaches great importance to the legal safety and hygiene requirements. Production complies with all regulations and is inspected every 6 months by an environmental engineer who ensures that employees are working in safe conditions.


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