There are many faces behind OY. Some surf, some produce, some design, and some manage. But regardless of the activity, all share the same vision and drive it with intense passion. Meet the people of OY.


In 2018, we decided to move our production site from Bali to Europe, in order to reduce routes of transportation. Ever since our surf bikinis and yoga- & activewear are being produced in Portugal in a small factory north of Porto.

Because of our close relation and a very frequent exchange of ideas we reached higher levels of quality for our products whilst maintaining fair prices to our customers.

We also care about the welfare and safety of our workers. They are being paid fair wages according to the workers’ category. The factory fulfills and guarantees compliance with all legal safety and hygiene requirements and of course insurance coverage.

Oy surf bikini production in the sewing room
Oy surf bikini production team in Portugal
Oy surf bikini fabrics from recycled nylon


We are running a real family business, but wouldn’t make it without the help of some highly talented and motivated co-workers.

Zelia Zadra — Operational management in Switzerland
Dario Zadra — Operational management in Germany
Monika Zadra — Customer Care & Finance
Nina Wehrli — Sales & Events
Celina Saffar — Online Marketing
Kaja Grüttner — Apparel Design
Julia Lutz — Public Relations & Sales
Mónica Almeida — Production Management in Portugal