A flower for Oy by Valerie Lipscher

Eine Blume für Oy von Valerie Lipscher
A blank page in the sketchbook. Valerie Lipscher explores the white sheet through applied color areas: orange follows a warm red, golden color shimmers in the spaces in between. It’s hot in the studio — the longing for refreshment comes up and is reflected in the choice of colors. A cool and deep blue. A pool? On the edge of it, Valerie places a woman and loses herself in the ornamentation of her bathing dress. Suddenly green plant leaves grow wildly into the sketchbook pages. In their midst, the torch ginger’s deep red blossom grows and blooms.

About the same time, Zelia Zadra is looking for new designs for the upcoming Oy swimwear collection. Through mutual friends, they get to know each other. Zelia likes the wildness and color intensity of the torch ginger right away. The two women unite and transfer the drawing onto fabric. Together they develop a design in which the wild leaves and the blossom nestle up against the female body and emphasize femininity in all its facets: The fiery red of the blossom, the cool caressing nature of the plant leaves make the summer dream longing to soothe heat with cool wet and just wait for that jump into the blue.

The print “novel” is available in bikini and swimsuit styles.